Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Blog #1

So as everyone knows I tore my ACL during the semester. For a while before and after surgery I was on crutches. Being on a college campus with crutches is an entirely different experience. I made me a little more aware of things. You couldn't always take the quickest route. Sometimes you would have to go around the entire building to find a ramp to be able to get into the building. Sometimes the button to open the doors wouldn't work so it was interesting to watch me try to open the door really quick and crutch in before the door closed on me. Now I'm sort of trying to make it funny, but it really did make me think. What about someone in a wheelchair? If they are by themselves They aren't going to be able to swing the door open like that and make it in. Also i can;t even begin to describe how scary it was to take some of the elevators here at RIC. They are awful. You never know if they are going to work or if you will get stuck. It's actually really scary. Now for me it was okay, because i could manage to take the stairs it would just take me forever. But what about someone in a wheelchair? They can't just get up and walk up the stairs. I know that there is one girl who has missed about four classes because the elevator wasn't working or got stuck. To me this is unacceptable. Her education is being hurt because we don't have the facilities to get them there. You never realize stuff like this until you are actually in the situation yourself. But someone in a wheelchair shouldn't have to worry if the elevator will work that day so they can go to class. It's not fair. I think we need to be more aware of these things. It just kind if surprised me at how some people go through things like this every week and i just go about my day like there are no problems. We should be more proactive is getting better facilities we spend so much money on random things for the quad, but we should work toward making things more unacceptable for some students.

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