Sunday, March 6, 2011

"unlearning the myths that blind us" -Christensen reflection

so after reading this article i did a lot of thinking. however i still can't really say whether or not i agree or diagree with the article. i guess i would say i do and i don't agree. personally i grew up with cartoons and i wouldnt say that i am close minded and all these cartoons showed me racism, sexism, and etc. but i just find it hard to believe that kids will pick up on all this stuff. kids our age couldn't even pick up on it until a teacher sat them down and told them to really concentrate on what to look for. in todays cartoons they found it more difficult than in older cartoons. does that mean it's getting better? i just feel like when i was little i wasn't watching cartoons analyzing them the way this study portrays them. however i do agree with how society influences people a lot in certain ways. people are greatly influenced by the media about what they should wear and how their bodies should look like. once again i agree and disagree. ya there are all kinds of famous brands like nike, timberlands and that stuff but people have all different types of styles. it's all what the person likes. however people will still argue that it's because of society. no one will ever win or lose that battle because maybe it is society, maybe it isnt. most people will say it doesn't have to do with society. i would say i doesn't that it's all based on what a person likes.  overall i didnt really like this article i just feel like it yes it does make sense, but do you really think that kids think the same way as us?

that would most likely bring me to the question i would raise in class. do kids really think the same as us? yes they are really smart but are cartoon really effecting them in the depth that this article says they do? think about it did u watch cartoons as a kid? most likely you did. but did you think of these things before someone mentioned this to you? or are you only realizing it now that someone brought about the topic of racism, sexism, and etc in cartoons?


Are they really that bad? I would just like to hear what everyone thinks about this subject. I can see their point, but i don't think kids really think that deeply. I mean did you guys before we talked about it? I also looked at this website about Aladdin which talks about racism and such. I just don't believe that people really thought about all this in creating the movie but maybe they did.


  1. I really like what you said here, you have a lot of good points. I agree that I don’t think kids are sitting down eating Lucky Charms on a Saturday morning going, wow this is really racist because I don’t think kids even really understand racism unless they are really advanced learners. But I do thing the images stick. Like, the first thing I think of when I think of Native Americans are teepees, feathers, and bows and arrows. Now I’m not saying this is what comes to mind because some Native Americans in cartoons are depicted that way, but if a child is really into cartoons and that’s what they’re exposed to, chances are that’s what’s going in the file marked Native Americans in their brain. There must be a way to test this.

  2. I think, in regards to your ending questions, the kids watching cartoons don't know they are being taught sterotypes.I think the point of the article was to show that it is more of a subconscience learning through cartoons. wether the sterotypes are planted in cartoons intentionally is a whole other question.